Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stories are Powerful

This is a video clip from a project designed to both share the voices of the Arctic people and bring attention to the changing climate.  At the website you'll find many video clips of Native people talking about their life experiences and how climate change has shaped their culture.  There are also educational materials that explore both geography AND culture and they are designed to be used with K-12 classrooms.   In this lesson, "Your Story" students are encouraged to make a video clip about their own lives and share them.  The lesson offers many suggested resources as well as a storyboard graphic organizer to help students know what to include.

The idea is that wherever you are in the world you have a story to tell and your language and culture are important.  By understanding other people's perspectives in relation to our own we are better able to care for our world and each other.

Check out the site and I encourage you to think about ways to use these resources in your classrooms locally.  Think of the wealth of cultures and experiences sitting in your classroom today.  How much do students really understand their own cultural backgrounds and just as importantly do they understand each other?

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