Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's time to make language mainstream!

I just reviewed a new feature from ColorinColorado - it's a great new blog supported by the AFT, Common Core and ELLs that focuses on implementation of the Common Core and ELD standards.  My thought was, "Hooray!" our day has come and this is the perfect opportunity for us to integrate language into what everyone is doing.  I'm currently working with local ELL experts to develop an ELD standards implementation plan - and of course - we're recommending that the ELD standards be developed as part of the Common Core standards work.  It's still in draft stage, but I hope to share more as it is developed further.  I'd be interested to know what others have done to implement ELD standards and if they've been able to use them effectively with mainstream teachers.  It's time that educators recognize that anything labeled ELL does not belong exclusively to bilingual and ELL teachers - they are students who deserve access to a high quality education and that will only happen if we all work together.  Consequently, all students will do better with the support of a comprehensive educational team and in the words of the late MN senator Paul Wellstone (10 year anniversary of his death 10/25/12) -  "We all do better when we all do better."

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