Sunday, February 12, 2012


Every once in a while you meet someone whose energy and passion for their work is infectious and you think - yeah - I want to go home and blog about that!  Well - maybe not everyone wants to blog, but it does inspire you.  Check out Jeanne Whisler's, blog,, (Teaching is a Political Act).  Yesterday I had the privilege of watching her presentation on the U.S. policies and practices of deportation of undocumented immigrants.  Before the word policy makes you start snoring - watch her short Prezi, Sociopolitical Advocacy it has video clips and the information is VERY easy to follow.  Although I will warn you it's depressing.  Government (Obama) has pledged to deport 400,000 "illegal" immigrants each year, and they've been true to their promise.  Of course they say they are targeting the criminals - the worst of the worst.  However, approximately 30% are being deported for minor offenses such as a tail light out or driving without a license (which you can't get if you don't have legal documents), another 26% are being deported without having done anything wrong.  So Obama kept his promise to deport 400,000 but in the hands of local governments and corporate detention center organizations deporting families has become a big business - approximately 5 billion dollars per year!  Check out this quick clip that explains the money chain and the links between big business and politicians  "Immigrants for Sale".  The bottom line as citizens of a democratic nation and as teachers of many students who live in fear, we are contributing to the destruction of families as our tax dollars pay for deportation.  Yes, it may be a "crime" to come here and work without papers (Jeanne said there are hotel maids who clean rooms for $2 a room!  They can clean 25 rooms a day, so $50 a day!  And we think slavery has been abolished?).  However, should the consequence of this daring act of working be to lose your parental rights as parents are deported and children are left behind in the family welfare system?

This topic weighs heavy on my heart and mind and I know that there are children I work with that live in fear that someday they will come home to an empty house or be awakened in the middle of the night with shouts of, "La Migra!"    As legal citizens we have the social-political capital to do something about this and stop the misinformation and blaming of immigrants for every problem the U.S. has ever had.  Watch Jeanne's Prezi, get some facts, figure out what you can do!  That's my plan.

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